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I am on a mission to help you thrive in your day-to-day life. Challenge the typical methods by starting with the why, understanding your perspective and getting a grip on the path to achieving your goals and beyond.

Certified personal trainer and nutritionist


From an early age, I found myself immersed in the world of sports, fueled by the desire to push my physical limits and embrace the transformative power of athleticism.

This personal journey not only shaped my own physique and well-being but also instilled in me a profound passion for fitness and a genuine desire to guide others on their path to self-improvement.

Trust me again I will assure you that engaging in sports not only sculpted my body but also nurtured essential qualities such as discipline, perseverance, and determination.

Every individual has unique needs, goals, and limitations.

As a Level 3 Personal Trainer, I recognize the significance of personalized training plans to maximize client satisfaction and results.

By conducting comprehensive assessments, considering individual body types, preferences, and abilities, I develop customized workout routines that are challenging yet achievable.

This approach fosters a sense of empowerment and progress, allowing clients to witness the transformative power of their efforts.

Becoming a Level 3 Personal Trainer has allowed me to translate my passion for fitness into a meaningful profession, enabling me to guide individuals toward transforming their lives both physically and mentally. Through personalized approaches, empathy, and unwavering support, I aim to empower individuals to achieve their goals, ultimately witnessing the profound impact that fitness can have on their overall well-being.

Look a healthy lifestyle is much more than just lifting weights. It’s about stretching, warming up, eating healthily, and getting the necessary rest and enough sleep. I love helping others see and experience what their bodies are capable of with just enough hard work. I make it a goal to help you achieve a happy and well-balanced lifestyle that will minimize the risk of future health-related issues.

In a world where self-care and holistic wellness are gaining increasing importance, I am honored to be part of a profession that promotes positive change and empowers individuals to embrace the transformative journey of fitness.

How I can help you


No matter your goal, engineer your body to align posture, prevent injury, and maximize performance


Create a diet that you can sustain and adhere to for the rest of your life and you will have success


We are in it together to win it, hand in hand we walk towards a healthier, happier, and more confident you.

Services tailored for every need.

Start your journey and get a personalized plan for you to achieve your short-term and long-term fitness goals.

In-person 1:1 Personal Training

The exercises you perform happen in real-time, directly in front of me. This allows for real-time form correction and feedback. If you are someone just starting out on a fitness journey, having a trainer physically right there can help avoid bad habits or injury.


Train at home or at the gym and get strong, feel empowered and be confident. Receive a customized program that you can follow for a month.

Online Personal Training

The exercises you perform happen in real-time, directly in front of me. This allows for real-time form correction and feedback. If you are someone just starting out on a fitness journey, having a trainer physically right there can help avoid bad habits or injury.


Learn how to change habits and mindset around food, which can be extremely challenging. I am here to tell you that you can do it. It is possible to learn how to make eating healthy delicious and sustainable.

Personal Training

You will learn new habits that will soon become second nature. Employing proven techniques for habit formation, I will help you start and sustain healthy habits that will accelerate your progress towards your goals.

In-person training is the most personal experience. You have my eyes on you the entire session. In-person training allows me to give you real-time feedback and cues on the exercises you are performing.

If you experience any pain or discomfort during an exercise, I am here to give you a solution right away to help; or if you aren’t feeling an exercise in the muscles we would like, I can give you changes to apply right then to recruit muscles properly.

You are safe at all times

Tailored to your abilities​

Motivation along the way​

Food and nutrition guidance​

Life-time fitness knowledge

Good & positive vibes, all the time

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Nutrition Guidance

Food is your best friend

Experience the joy of fueling your body correctly and realise how it can improve your training, and make you feel more robust and more powerful.

Discover the benefits of a good diet and how it gives you a positive, upbeat, energetic aura.

‘healthy eating’ we does not mean crash dieting, eating anything but fruit or vegetables or going on a juice cleanse. This is the opposite of eating well, and it definitely won’t get you the results you want.

Throughout your programme, You will be introduced to the world of nutrition and receive all the tips and ideas that will transform your body and health.


  • I help you identify your nutrition goals
  • We go through your daily routine and start by making comfortable adjustments
  • Slow start ditching bad eating habits and replace them with healthy, beneficial ones
  • Full monitoring and real-time adjustments to always make sure you are in the right direction
  • All questions and concerns will be addressed
  • Start enjoying your food and cut off that bad relationship, food will be your best friend

What do my clients say?

“A fabulous PT, Derick has helped me with strength and conditioning post neck and hip surgery. He is highly motivational, careful to check technique and has such a happy disposition you can’t fail to enjoy working out.”

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A great motivator and cheerleader. Derick always made sure I apply the right techniques while training to ensure safety.
He helped me feel better after my knee surgery and felt a relief and huge difference.
He pushes and encourages you exercise as he so passionate about his job. Fully recommend him.

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In a bid to shade off some fat all i knew was running around which wasn’t really helpful until I came across Derick through a referral from a friend who actually changed my
perception to lifting weights which really helped me lose weight and gain muscles. Surely recommend Derick.

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Singular and monthly packages are available

Over 10 years in the industry

A life-time athelete.

Fortifying my fitness background with accredited certificates.

REPs Level 2 & Level 3 Personal Trainer

BSc degree in Nutrition and Dieting

The choice is yours. If you live in Dubai, we can train at your local community gym or at your nearest park.

Depends, if at your home or your community gym, then no. If it’s at a commercial gym, then yes.

Means a specific number of sessions can be used withing the month depending on a schedule of your choice.

Fee would be calculated based on the number of sessions possible until the end of the month based on an agreed weekly schedule in addition to your monthly package.

Yes, it’s considered a paid single one-on-one session, can check prices here

Of course, if the notice of over 24 hours. Each package comes with a cap for canceled or rescheduled sessions. An exception is a proven emergency.

Over 24 hours unless it’s an emergency

Each package has an expiry date, sessions must be used within the specified time frame. Sessions do not get carried over onto the next month. Each package gets expired by the end of the specified timeframe.

It’s more than just workouts, it’s a mix of food, sport and lifestyle but more importantly rest and sleep. Thus, 3 heavy workouts per week with 2 active rests is recommended. Increasing the number of workouts per day could backfire in terms of energy-level throughout the day or could lead to injury.

Obviously, if we are located in the same location, If it’s on time, yes

We can agree on a specific time to freeze your package, though rescheduled sessions get carried over to the next month and subject to availability.

In the beginning of each month.

No curses or insults. No toxic comments. I respect your time, respect mine. Be on time.

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